The purpose behind using the 3D animation technique here was to involve children fully & make the brand famous among them. 

We created Pofticios brand as a 3D animation for packages and created the 3D characters Anisoara, Stefanel and Pofticiosu from scratch and the kids loved them. We also created the environment and developed children's books & games.





Our PixToon team created powerful kid characters, lovely drawings & visuals. The sketches have been set up as per the storyline & the bright colored visuals immediately attract everybody.

This huge & complex project required a lot of time and resources. Our team worked day & night to finish the project on time. The focused & dedicated efforts produced the colorful outcome. The excitation & satisfaction in the eyes of the client was one more prize in our collection.



When you contact us with your requirements, our entire team work on that to create an output with which you instantly fall in love. To make your viewers the fan of your product, first we put ourselves in the viewers’ shoes. We think like them, then we create something that can humanize your brand & can keep them interested in it for a very long time. 

Characters in packaging

Sweet corn sticks

Children's books & games

Bring your product or service to life. Contact PixToon and we will make it happen.