Dental Clinic

If you want to create a relation with your customers based on trust, or a deeper bonding that becomes stronger with every passing year, do what our client Dr. Ionut Gavat did.

He wanted to address five different scenarios in his profession that he mostly dealt with his clients, so he asked us to focus on them separately.

Episode 2

He wanted us to create different animated 2D videos that would concentrate on each scenario. Our creative team started its work and created five unique videos. Every video was independent of others, and it included all the essential information required in that scenario.

Episode 3


It is always good to find out unique issues in your business and focus on them entirely. Allow our creative team at PixToon to deeply analyze your target market. We’ll customize each video to focus on one issue that your audience faces.

Episode 4

Focusing on the individual issue makes you expert in your field. It creates trust among your audience. And above all, it immediately connects those who are facing that issue.

Episode 5

Bring your product or service to life. Contact PixToon, and we will make it happen.